Using ARTS LIBΞRTY’s ARTe Tag for Art Pieces Identification & Authentication

Introduction of ARTe Tag

The global art market, which includes installation art, painting, sculpture have constantly increased its market value for many years. On the other hand, such large-scale demand has trickled into illicit markets with lookalikes and duplicate products.  Counterfeit is a serious threat to all parties in the market, including creators, collectors and buyers.

ARTS LIBΞRTY announced “ARTe Tag” Solution which leverage technologies including but not limited to blockchain technology (NFT), IoT, and NFC for creators to help in fighting counterfeit of ART Piece.

ARTe Tag provides a unique proposition which use the Ethereum ERC-721 contract (NFT); to provide a pathway that gives creators more ways to strengthen the brand, connect with their fans directly to increase revenue and protect the brand. The technology also helps in reducing the transaction cost and encourage second hand market.

Upon tapping the creation with a smartphone, an RSA-based authentication of the creation’s source is shown with its details to verify the authenticity.  Further, with just a quick tap from an NFC-enabled smartphone, users can unlock engaging multimedia content such as opening a website, launching an app, or even playing a video.

Maintain a continuous supply chain improvement 

  1. With ARTS LIBΞRTY, creators and collectors can gauge the Serialized tracking at every point.  The IoT tracker can provide a global location tracking and the history of the transaction records are stored in the blockchain/ NFT.  You can have 20/20 visibility to the art piece.


Fast & Easy Way ARTe Tag Application Process

Step 1

Creator Registration

Register here. After verification, you will be registered in ARTS LIBΞRTY & Ethereum blockchain network.

Step 2

Setup Creation details

Enter Creation Detail, our support team will contact you on your preference and brief you the detail.

Step 3

Choose and Install "ARTe Tags"

There is no one-size-fits-all solution.  Our engineer and data architect will review your product detail and provide multiple solutions/ options and the estimated cost based on your creation form factor and size.

Step 4

Generate NFT and associate the NFC data.

Our team shall prepare the ARTe Tag and generate a curated NFT based on your Art Piece.

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How to verify your Art piece with ARTe Tag

Step 1

Tap your smartphone to the "ARTe Tag".

Place your smartphone to the ARTe Tag

Step 2

We will send 2FA authentication request.

An authentication request will send to the current owner specified in the NFT contract for approval to conduct verification.

Step 3

Enter the keycode

Current owner will be notify and enter a 2FA passcode to requester phone screen within 10 seconds.

Step 4

Display the Certificate of authenticity

ARTS LIBΞRTY will display the certificate of authenticity along with the interactive product contents on the screen.  Optionally, you can track the location of the ART piece if creator has placed our customised global tracker.

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