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Art and Piece x The Plumber King: Artwork "The Plumber King" | 《美紙》x 渠王: 作品《渠王》

Plumber King | 2021.09.08

Artwork: The Plumber King
Circa 2021
Paint on canvas     
895 x 600mm
Signed ‘渠王’ on recto     
2-minute production video

While the iconic works of the Plumber King are commonly seen on the streets of Hong Kong, it is the first time ever that his calligraphy is presented on a grey, cement-like canvas. The NFT also includes a 2-minute production video that records the highlights of the production process that spanned over two hours from measurement to meticulously writing with specific brushes. 

油漆 畫布
895 x 600mm


Art and Piece x The Plumber King: Artwork "The Plumber King" | 《美紙》x 渠王: 作品《渠王》
Plumber King
 | 2021.09.08

The Plumber King (@The.Plumber.King) Yim Chiu-tong is doubtlessly the most famous plumber and one of the most iconic graffiti artists in Hong Kong. As a plumber, he started writing simple advertisements all over Hong Kong offering “sewers cleared” and “no scaffolding” with his distinctive calligraphic styles in the 60s. After half a century of displaying such iconic street art in all parts of Hong Kong, the Plumber King has now become an icon of local culture. Apart from having his works featured in exhibitions, his life story and original calligraphic style are known to have strong ties to the city, humanity and arts.|| 渠王(@The.Plumber.King),原名嚴照棠,香港著名通渠匠。60年代起以通渠謀生,為了招攬生意開始在街頭書寫廣告,別具一格的字體及布局組合出家喻戶曉的「渠王廣告」,深入民心。超過半個世紀的街頭寫作,讓嚴照棠被視為繼「九龍皇帝曾灶財」之後另一位甚具代表性的街頭藝術家;其生活經歷、字體創作更成為香港文化的研究對象,反映了城巿、人文及藝術的微妙關係。現在渠王的墨寶不單以街頭廣告形式出現在大街小巷,還會於展覽展出,成為香港獨有的本土文化之一。

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