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Art and Piece x Yeung Hok Tak: Artwork "Forgotten Corner" | 《美紙》x 楊學德: 作品《遺忘的角落》

Yeung Hok Tak | 2021.09.08

Artwork: Forgotten Corner
Circa 2021
Acrylic on canvas           
420 x 590mm
Signed ‘TAK 21’ on recto     

“I remember I used to save a shelf for my original Gundam models. As time passes, they are now all long gone. I can only regret for not retaining them properly. If I could turn the clock back, I would preserve Red Comet and Gundam, stay by their side, watch them grow up, start a family of themselves and have children… wishing that they would visit me at festive family gatherings and ideally, share family expenses as adults. With that, I would call it a happy and blessed life.”

作品:《遺忘的角落》(Forgotten Corner)
塑膠彩 布本
420 x 590mm
款識:TAK 21(畫面標籤)


Art and Piece x Yeung Hok Tak: Artwork "Forgotten Corner" | 《美紙》x 楊學德: 作品《遺忘的角落》
Yeung Hok Tak
 | 2021.09.08

Yeung Hok Tak, born in Hong Kong in the 70s, started publishing comics in the late 90s after getting a taste in the advertising, design and media industries. In 2002, he published his acclaimed debut graphic novel, How Blue was my Valley, followed by Pyschic's Fairy Tales in 2006 and Cool Blooded Theatre in 2009. Since then, Yeung has become active in exhibitions including the Comix Magneto in 2006, BilBOlbul 2008 in Bologna, Italy, and BD à Bastia in Bastia, France. In 2008, Yeung held his first solo exhibition and launched his picture book Mad Grass Book. In 2013, he participated in the Meltak show, curated by Yoshitomo Nara, in Japan. || 楊學德,生於70年代,香港土生土長的藝術家。曾任職於廣告、設計公司及雜誌社,其藝術事業以漫畫起步,90年代末開始於漫畫期刋連載漫畫,首部個人漫畫集《錦繡藍田》於2002年出版,引來熱切關注,其後推出漫畫集《標童話集》系列及《不軌劇場》,並曾參與2006年香港藝術中心之「Comix Magneto」聯展、2008年意大利博洛尼亞「Bilbolbul」漫畫聯展及法國科西嘉島巴斯蒂亞「Bd a Bastia」漫畫聯展等。及後楊氏專注繪畫創作,在2008年舉行首個個人展覧「狂草展」,同時出版畫集《狂草集》,並於2013年參與由奈良美智策劃,於日本舉辦的「Meltak Show」聯展。

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