Art and Piece x Frog King: Artwork "Breathing Frog Fun" | 《美紙》x 蛙王: 作品《會呼吸的蛙玩》

Frog King

KWOK MANG HO | 2021.09.08

Artwork: Breathing Frog Fun
Circa 2021
Mixed media on canva
635 x 950mm
signed ‘外星郭氏’ on recto

Coherent with the creative identity of Frog King, the art piece features the Five Elements: paper as Wood, ink as Water, while Fire is applied by heating up an awl to puncture the paper. The Elements work together to present an opposing yet balanced effect. The burn marks at the edges of the paper grace the work with a charming touch of innocence and naturality.

By putting together his smaller artworks of different eras, including his own portrait, the artist has created a big artwork that is as plenteous and abundant as the 5G era. He names the artwork “Breathing Frog Fun” as no other words can better illustrate the energy and dynamic of this masterpiece.

作品:《會呼吸的蛙玩》(Breathing Frog Fun)
混合媒介 布本
635 x 950mm


Art and Piece x Frog King: Artwork "Breathing Frog Fun" | 《美紙》x 蛙王: 作品《會呼吸的蛙玩》
KWOK MANG HO 8 September, 2021
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