Landscape of Cloud

Keith Lam

Keith Lam | 2021.06.07

he landscape of cloud is constructed by real life. It’s a reflection of real world. We upload all kinds of matters in any kind of circumstance to the cloud which located at miles away – we somehow project our inner status to the virtual.
Co-create the form of cloud together. And the result of it reflects to real world.
Virtualise the real, Make virtual a reality.
Construct the new nation of virtual reality: a world of mixed-virtual-real.

There is a set of nine cloud in the installation, And the ninth cloud is defined as the highest and the most far away cloud in “International Cloud Atlas” at 1896.

Just like the cloud of internet, It’s far away from us with high speed in operation, but close to our life at the same time, mix and connect with two different world, project and reflect the matters of real world.

Interaction: It invites audience to take a photo, upload and tag a specific Instagram account, the computer program will calculate and analysis the highest percentage colour of the photo, and that specific colour will be “sent” to the cloud via overhead projector.

The overhead projector composed with computer (wifi to connect to the internet is needed), small monitor embedded (to display the latest gram which tagged the specific Instagram account) and controllers (equipments to control the LED)

Landscape of Cloud
Keith Lam 7 June, 2021
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