The Inimitable Time


Anicorn | 2021.06.07

Inspired by the Antikythera mechanism, ANICORN Watches reimagines the Ancient Greek wisdom and interpret it into the most unique and personalized way. Designated as “The Inimitable Time”, the collection is an exquisite time memento that allows the beholder to create and insert their unique narratives, each unit is irreplaceable and eternal in the metaverse.

The collection consists of 366 pieces of one of its kind NFT that represent each single date (from 1-Jan to 31-Dec, 29-Feb included) of a year, the beholder of the NFT can redeem an actual NFC timepiece with inscriptions (a freely chosen year + description of the date) on the caseback and watch box. The actual NFC timepiece can turn from a wrist watch to a table clock that simulates the Antikythera device.

The NFC chip in the watch is there to record the beholder’s memorial moment and the number of days since that specified date (inspired by the Julian Date) - a distinct approach to interpret moments. By using any NFC reading device the beholder can be connected to their NFT for the digital certificate as well as reading their “Inimitable Time” in the metaverse.

The Inimitable Time
Anicorn 7 June, 2021
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