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ARTS LIB ΞRTY is World’s first online marketplace platform for wrapping physical art, digital art/ intangible assets in NFTs. ARTS LIB ΞRTY helps creators to craft unique NFT Smart contract which maximise creators' economic.  We also enable creators to protect their cross-media art creations Intellectual property and ownership through ARTe Tag Solution.  International creators working together with us to create a powerful ecosystem that offers value to the world.

Our Value Proposition

  1. Ξ Provide Curated NFT & Digital Experiences that engage Creators & their fans.

  2. Ξ Leverage IoT, NFC and Blockchain technology to provide ARTe Tag Solution, an end-to-end solution for Art Pieces Identification, Authentication and Tracking.

  3. Ξ Transparency of our Business Model.  Price Transparency Emphasises Value, not Prices.

  4. Ξ Work with our locally-based support team.

The Benefits of ARTS LIB ΞRTY Platform

Auctioning off pairs of digital art with their physical art piece

  • Ξ Create a unique cultivated experience for your brand/ fans for free.
  • Ξ Start your business on our Blockchain-powered online platform for the most sought after physical items combined with their digital art piece.

Easy-to-use management interface

  • Ξ No need to learn complex technology nor technical jargon.  Our Intuitive tools that allow creators to reach their fanbase all around the world similar to traditional auction platform.  We handle all complicate process on behalf of you with 100% transparency.
  • Ξ  Compatible with all major blockchain standards like Metamask and Ethereum.

Secure and intelligent environment

  • Ξ  No more "Gas fee" or hidden transaction cost

  • Ξ No Volatile currency, creators can choose what currency they expected to accept.

  • Ξ  Transparent and open standard to ensures each transaction is completed securely.

  • Ξ  The NFT are secured on the Ethereum blockchain.  An open standard for NFT.

Localized service eliminates obstacles to cross-border transactions

  • Ξ Our local support team provide curated NFT & Digital Experience upon request.
  • Ξ Our local engineer will assist installation of ARTe Tag Solution to your physical art piece
  • Ξ We support both crypto currency and major credit cards.

Large variety of marketing opportunities and media resources

  • Ξ ARTS LIB ΞRTY will continue to accumulate a strong traditional & social media influence, continuously running campaign.
  • Ξ Our media resources provide your brand with many opportunities for exposure, helping to establish brand recognition and connecting you with your fans.
  • Ξ Leverage our strong SEO/ SEM and marketing capabilities.  our precise re-marketing keep your fans coming back, creating more opportunities.

Opportunities to participate in our offline events

  • Offline events held throughout Asia allow face-to-face interaction with your fans.

Coaching from experienced Creators

  • Consultations and coaching to help improve brand performance and growth. Regular workshops on operation, market dynamics, trend analysis and sharing of industry information.

Success Stories

What’s it like conducting business with ARTS LIB ΞRTY?

What Can You Sell on ARTS LIB ΞRTY?

Each application for opening a gallery will be reviewed by the ARTS LIB ΞRTY team. Before submitting your application, please note that only art creations from the following can be sold on ARTS LIB ΞRTY.

Original Design

  • A creation that is designed and/or created by a designer (or their team/manufacturer), and conforms with our Allowed & Prohibited Items Policy.
  • Relabeled versions of products mass-produced in factories.

Authorized Representation

  • Creation designed by others that you are authorized (by the designer or brand owner / company) to sell.
  • Products that you have sourced from different places in small amounts.
ARTS LIB ΞRTY’s Complete Allowed & Prohibited Items Policy

ARTS LIB ΞRTY’s Business Models and Fees

ARTS LIB ΞRTY offers a variety of business models, allowing brands at different stages of growth to find an optimal way to operate.

Apply Now to Join ARTS LIB ΞRTY!

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When will I be notified with the results of my gallery application? How do I check for the results?

In order to maintain the uniformity and quality of Gallery on Arts Liberty, your application will be reviewed by the Arts Liberty team.

ΞYou should be notified with the results of this review within 15 working days (not including holidays).

  1. ΞIf your application is approved, a notification email will be sent to you.
  2. ΞIf your application is rejected, a notification email will still be sent to you. Please check that your creations conform with our Allowed & Prohibited Items Policy.
  3. ΞDon’t forget to search for “ Arts Liberty” in your inbox, to check if the notifications from us were sent to your spam folder by accident.

ΞIf you haven’t received any notification from us after more than 15 days (not including working days), please contact us with the following information:

  1. 1. Applicant name
  2. 2. Email address
  3. 3. Registration region (UK, US, Country in EU, Hong Kong and Macau, Taiwan, mainland China, Japan, Thailand, or other regions)

Note: The information provided must match the information on the application form in order for us to check it for you.

If you want to stand out from amongst the many applicants, please make sure that your application includes the following:

  1. ΞQuality creations showing originality and the unique style of your brand.
  2. ΞComplete brand information, including social media accounts.
  3. ΞCreations photos that show unique features.
  4. Ξ Visit us in office hours