Fleur 《如花》

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    "Art and Piece" x Harvey Chan: Artwork "Fleur"
    Circa 2021
    Pastel and poster colour on cardboard 392 x 532mm (framed)
    Signed ‘HC’ on recto

    About the Art Work
    In memory of Hong Kong’s best-loved diva Anita Mui, who passed away 18 years ago, famous artist Harvey Chan drew a portrait of her in her phenomenal role, Fleur, in one of her most acclaimed movies, Rouge. Featured on the cover of the 4th Issue of Art and Piece magazine, the portrait has immediately become a well-sought item in the art scene. With the approaching of her birthday in October and the anticipated launch of her biography movie Anita in November, the beautiful story of the superstar is expected to be passed on from generation to generation.

    About the Artist
    Born in Hong Kong and graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Canada, Harvey has been leading a successful career as an illustrator for many years in Toronto. Receiving numerous awards through his career nationally and internationally, he has created two series of Chinese Zodiac design for the Royal Canadian Mint and taught drawing, painting, illustration and figure sculpture at the Ontario College of Art and Design University. Famous for his charcoal and oil portraits, Harvey has found pleasure in developing his own artworks and exhibitions by drawing inspiration from the diverse cultures in Hong Kong.

    *The artwork will be exhibited at the first anniversary of "Art & Pieces" and "A Piece of Memories" at the Gallery by the Harbour in Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui from September 30 to October 24, 2021. The artwork will be shipped to buyers afterwards.

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    《美紙》x Harvey Chan: 作品《如花》
    粉彩 廣告彩 紙板
    392 x 532 mm(已裱框)

    百變天后梅艷芳逝世18年,至今仍然令人懷念。著名人像畫家Harvey Chan早前繪畫了梅艷芳在《胭脂扣》裡飾演如花的畫像,並登上《美紙》第4期封面。天后冥壽將至,而傳記電影《梅艷芳》亦即將上映,坊間又再次掀起對這位芳華絕代的舞台巨星一顰一笑一舉手一舉足的追憶之情。

    生於香港的Harvey Chan(陳志昌),畢業於加拿大多倫多安省美術學院,一直在當地從事專業插畫創作。屢獲殊榮的Harvey曾為加拿大皇家鑄幣廠設計中國十二生肖金銀幣系列,也曾於多間多倫多美術設計院校任教插畫、油畫、素描及雕塑等,當中炭筆及油畫人像創作系列廣受注目。Harvey近年活躍於個人創作及畫廊展覽,從香港文化和社會多樣性中汲取靈感。


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